Being your own boss is about freedom of choice. Is your business giving you that?

Welcome to the home of female entrepreneurship.

Academy for Women Entrepreneurs' AWEsome community offers support, collaboration opportunities, award-winning training and more to help create a life where you’re free to choose what matters most to you.

Hey you, we’re AWE

We provide community, award-winning training and innovative coaching to women solopreneurs and micro-business owners.

Making the most of working life means different things to everyone. It could be about achieving the perfect work/life balance. It could be about making the most money possible. It could simply be about doing a job you love. Whatever your objectives, our mission is to help you achieve what’s right for you.

What you can expect...


EMPOWER Tribe is our free community offering like-minded women micro-business owners support and opportunities to collaborate and co-create.


EMPOWER Training is our award-winning, multi-disciplinary business training programme for female solopreneurs and micro-business owners.



EMPOWER Coaching provides 1-to-1 business coaching to refine and reinforce decision-making, and help you gain clarity, focus and momentum.

THE 5 Power hubs

Our award-winning training and coaching is centred on five key areas of business and entrepreneurship: the 5 Power Hubs of Entrepreneurship.

Personal Development

Invest in your own personal development as the person who owns and drives the business


Establish the direction, vision, goals and strategic roadmap for your business


Build great relationships with the most important people in your business – your team and customers


Optimise your marketing, sales and promotional activities to drive meaningful results for your business


Define your strategy and tactics to ensure financial success for your business and yourself

Empowering female entrepreneurs

Did you know that up to £250bn could be added to the UK economy alone if women scaled new businesses at the same rate as men?*

The Academy for Women Entrepreneurs (AWE) is on a mission to empower women entrepreneurs to create and lead successful businesses with ease, certainty and enjoyment. This is even more important within today’s challenging environment.

Through EMPOWER Tribe, our FREE -to-join community, we support women entrepreneurs – micro business owners, mumpreneurs, lifestyle business owners, individual practitioners, freelancers and solopreneurs – by building stronger business acumen, and providing support via our network of like-minded peers and mentors.

* Source: The Alison Rose Review of Female Entrepreneurship (March 2019)

You're in Good Company

Buy one, give one.

We believe in the power of female entrepreneurship to effect global social and economic change. And we believe empowered women should help to empower others.
That’s why for every women entrepreneur that signs up to our paying memberships, we will provide Premium membership to a woman entrepreneur from one of the world’s developing countries.

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