Innovative business coaching for women entrepreneurs

Whatever challenges you're facing as a woman entrepreneur, we can provide the expertise, perspective and accountability you need. Whatever your goals - improved work/life balance, more money, focusing on doing what you love - we can help you.

Our innovative 1-1 business coaching helps female solopreneurs and micro-business owners just like you to free up their time, grow their client base and increase their profits.

We are able to offer a trial coaching session to some qualifying entrepreneurs where we can clarify your objectives, generate ideas and establish whether we’d be a good fit.

The five Power hubs

Our award-winning training and coaching is centred on five key areas of business and entrepreneurship: the 5 Power Hubs of Entrepreneurship.

Personal Development

Invest in your own personal development as the person who owns and drives the business


Establish the direction, vision, goals and strategic roadmap for your business


Build great relationships with the most important people in your business – your team and customers


Optimise your marketing, sales and promotional activities to drive meaningful results for your business


Define your strategy and tactics to ensure financial success for your business and yourself

Is Coaching Right For Me?

Try us on for size with a trail coaching session where we’ll explore how our innovative 1-to-1 business coaching could help you to achieve your goals.

Trial coaching session subject to fees. Request a trial to see if you qualify. We also offer group coaching to Mastermind and Mastermind 121 members as part of our EMPOWER Training membership. Find out more.

FREE Entrepreneurial Health Check


Understanding where you are with your business, and as an entrepreneur, is the first step toward realising your dreams.

Answer just 30 quick-fire questions to reveal your entrepreneurial health score, and receive tailored actions to help you improve your effectiveness.