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We are the proud franchisee of 5 Women In Business Network chapters situated in central London and The Curie online national chapter that we run via zoom.

Born from a passion for empowering women, WIBN meetings are designed to provide a safe and supportive environment to women business owners who want to grow their businesses and help each other.

In our WIBN meetings we have one motto! No sister, no founder left behind!

Forget about boring networking meetings!

Magic happens when you gather a bunch of unapologetically ambitious, absolutely awesome, fiercely female business owners who would like to grow their companies and build the life of their dream!

What happens during our networking meeting?

Visit one of our meetings to experience the vibe and join the tribe.

  • As a visitor you can visit 2 WIBN meetings per year.
  • WIBN meetings are category exclusive meetings for the members. If your category is taken, your ticket will be refunded.
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