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We are the proud franchisee of 5 Women In Business Network chapters situated in central London and The Curie online national chapter that we run via zoom.

Born from a passion for empowering women, WIBN meetings are designed to provide a safe and supportive environment to women business owners who want to grow their businesses and help each other.

In our WIBN meetings we have one motto! No sister, no founder left behind!

Forget about boring networking meetings!

Magic happens when you gather a bunch of unapologetically ambitious, absolutely awesome, fiercely female business owners who would like to grow their companies and build the life of their dream!

What happens during our networking meeting?

Visit one of our meetings to experience the vibe and join the tribe.

Upcoming Women In Business Connect Meetings

Benefits of Women's Business Networks

This is where you find your tribe. Participating in a women’s business network like ours provides an invaluable ecosystem of support, resources, and opportunities. What goes around really does come around in these circles. Help those in your network and they’ll help you. With connect meetings you can grow both personally and professionally. The sky really is the limit.

Women network differently from men. In fact, according to a recent study, 77% of the highest-achieving women have strong ties with a close inner circle of women. Our network acts as a connective hub, linking you to like-minded women entrepreneurs, potential collaborators, and businesses.

Through connect meetings you access a wealth of resources. Of course, there is the potential for new clients with networkers connecting you to the right kind of people. But more than this, connect meetings provide a place to share, be seen and collaborate with other women business owners.

Empowering Women Through Networking

Women in our network have leveraged connections to secure funding, build partnerships, and even scale their businesses globally. The shared knowledge of our meetings has significantly contributed to individual success stories.

Absolutely. Our network was created to champion equity. Business networking in general can be dominated by male energy and often leave women behind. That’s why we changed it. Our model aims to dismantle these barriers by creating a strong community of women leaders who support each other and serve as proof of what women can accomplish in the business world.

Networking helps women learn from each other, exchange insights, and collaboratively solve problems. This collective wisdom not only boosts confidence but also hones leadership skills. You gain your very own cheerleading team.

Networking Strategies for Women

Be open. Be generous. Networking is not about the hard sell. You are there to talk about your business and hear about others businesses too. Communicate effectively and make sure to ask for what you’re looking for. Chances are there will be someone who can help you right there and then.

Utilise platforms like LinkedIn to connect with industry professionals. Especially if you’ve met them in person. Share valuable content to engage your audience and keep in touch with your tribe.

Arrive on time and have an open mind. Remember, networking is a two-way street; focus on building relationships rather than just handing out business cards.

Inclusivity and Diversity in Women's Business Networks

Our application and vetting process is designed to foster a diverse member base. We strive to include women from different industries, ethnic backgrounds, and walks of life.

Diversity brings in varied perspectives and approaches to business, enriching the collective wisdom of the network. It opens doors to different markets and broadens the scope of potential partnerships.

Collaboration and Partnership

Of course! Our network fosters an environment where collaboration is encouraged. From co-working events to project partnerships, we provide various avenues for collective endeavours.

Women in our network have reported increased business opportunities, skill enhancement, and market expansion through collaborations. Apart from that, our members also feel a sense of belonging. Being a business owner can be lonely. So connecting with the right people can be game-changing.

Yes, we believe that cross-industry networking is crucial. It opens the door to fresh perspectives and ideas, providing a broader approach to problem-solving.

Mentorship and Learning

Our networks allow you to gain insights from others who are in similar or even different stages of business, offering practical advice, emotional support, and fresh perspectives.

Networking for Personal Growth

Networking provides you with a broader view of your industry and business environment. It enhances your interpersonal skills, boosts your self-confidence, and provides emotional support, all contributing to personal growth.

Networking doesn’t just help your business. It helps you grow. Learning from and collaborating with other business owners will fill your cup with more than just clients. It’s about having a network of people to help in times of need.

Networking challenges you to articulate your ideas clearly, listen effectively, and be open to feedback, all of which contribute to self-awareness. It also teaches resilience as you learn to face and overcome various business challenges.

Building a Strong Personal Brand

Networking helps you put yourself out there.  It provides you with platforms to share your expertise, leadership, and unique value proposition helping you build your reputation, and consequently strengthening your personal brand.

Measuring Networking ROI

Measuring ROI in networking can include tangible results like new business deals, partnerships, and skill development, as well as intangible ones like improved confidence and personal growth.

You can track progress through KPIs like the number of meaningful connections made, deals closed, or partnerships formed. Of course it’s also about how you feel. When you are part of a network you should feel supported. That can sometimes be stronger than any numerical measurement.

Tangible outcomes may include increased revenue, new business opportunities, and partnerships. Intangible outcomes can be improved business acumen, expanded industry knowledge, and enhanced leadership skills.

Future of Women's Business Networks

Our network continually evolves. We are always accepting new women business owners, epanding our horizons and learning new things. Since every member gets a chance to present 10 minutes as well, there is the opportunity to learn something new each time.

Yes, we have a global outreach that allows members to connect with like-minded women entrepreneurs around the world, paving the way for international collaborations.