Women entrepreneurs, protect your business now and plan for growth post-Corona. EMPOWER Tribe is 12 weeks of FREE, intensive online training and group coaching specifically designed for female solopreneurs and micro-business owners.

4 Primary Challenges

As faced by women entrepreneurs during corona

  • Productivity & time management
  • Information overload
  • Increased competition
  • Reduced activity & income

We can help you

With a range of FREE solutions
(and optional extras)

  • Regain your entrepreneurial effectiveness
  • Adapt your offer and marketing approach
  • Adapt your business and control cash

Weekly coaching videos

Tools, templates & guides

Expert sessions

Weekly open coaching sessions

Collaboration opportunities

Test your offer and marketing

Group coaching (optional extra)

1-2-1 coaching (optional extra)







What's included in the Programme?

  • Access to our WhatsApp group
  • Access first to offers
  • Access to the private Facebook group
  • Weekly crisis management and growth planning coaching videos
  • Weekly guided business exercises
  • Weekly business clinic
  • Bi-weekly online group coaching programme (Paid optional extra)
  • 1-2-1 monthly coaching – 30 minutes (Paid optional extra)

You're in Good Company

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Empower Tribe?

EMPOWER Tribe is a group coaching and business training program which enables women entrepreneurs and business owners with better control and a strategic plan for their business during the time of crisis and prepare the next steps with confidence.

Who is Empower Tribe for?

EMPOWER Tribe has been designed specifically for women micro-business owners and female solopreneurs who want to take action to ensure activity and growth in Q2. We work with women business owners who believe in learning, guidance and collaboration to navigate through uncertain times and prepare their companies for growth. 

How does Empower Tribe work?

EMPOWER Tribe is a 12-week programme of high intensity, collaborative and supportive online coaching and training. You will learn strategies, tools and techniques along with guidance from a highly experienced business strategist and entrepreneurship coach, and be guided on exactly how to apply these to your business.

The first 4 weeks of EMPOWER Tribe is dedicated to learning the strategies, mapping your audience, defining your message, and developing your action plan. You will learn easy to apply differentiating tactics that will help you retain your current customers, reach and convert your target audience into paying customers and ensure activity and growth during this period of crisis. While each week you will be encouraged to take action and be in touch with your customers and market, these first few weeks will be dedicated to set up your game plan. 

The remaining 8 weeks are focused on taking action, seeking constant feedback, adjusting your actions and measuring your results. Each week you will set an activity and growth goal and, with your coach, assess the results and impact of the actions that you have been taking. You will be guided directly by our founder Ceylan Boyce on your measurements and what needs to be done. 

  • Who is Ceylan Boyce?

Ceylan Boyce is a strategist and marketing expert who spent 15 years resolving corporate companies’ issues. Then she decided to put her know-how at the service of SMEs and became a business coach. More specifically an entrepreneurship coach and business strategist…

She genuinely believes that SMEs are a key driver for innovation, productivity, growth, employment and social progress. Entrepreneurs can change the world for the better. And she wants to help them in bringing about that change!

Although there is a little bit of superhuman in every entrepreneur, unfortunately, leading a successful business is not an innate capacity. It requires a specific skill set and knowledge. That is the reason why more than 50% of SMEs fail in their first 5 years, and why most of the remainder struggle to survive, leading to stress-filled lives for their owners.

Ceylan’s mission is to empower business owners in gaining a business mindset and developing skills which will enable them grow their businesses and achieve their dreams while living an enjoyable life.

How does Ceylan do this? She just makes you light the fire and fan your flames.