Nail your business growth in just five 'lunch & learn' sessions.

Our growth bootcamps are the place to be if you want to stop the endless marketing efforts that don’t pay you back, and attract the right audience consistently and increasingly.


16-20 May 2022
12-2pm every day

WARNING: This is not one of those 'quick fix', high-ticket courses that promises you impossible transformations in no time!

We have helped hundreds of women micro-business owners grow their income significantly and all of them were ready to work hard, learn lots, change and celebrate even harder.

In fact, more than 95% of our members grew by at least 25% during the pandemic!

What we will do is walk you through the crucial steps you need to take to plan and implement growth strategies that will work for your business:


1. Define

Your growth depends on the Audience / Offer / Message triangle. The magic happens when the right audience sees the ideal solution delivered by an attractive message. We will help you define these three parameters so that you build all your growth funnel on strong foundations.

2. Differentiate

The number one question that needs to be answered in your marketing is “why?” Why you? What makes you so special, so fit for purpose, so right for their problem? We will guide you to define your edge and increase the power of differentiation and opportunity to break through the noise.

3. Attract

Copy writing is definitely the number one skill to develop when it comes to your marketing! Not for the fancy headlines but for CLARITY. Most of the marketing efforts turn into … well … “0” result due to lack of clarity. Guess what: fancy words kill your chances to be seen. Clarity trumps. You need to be heard and understood. We will teach you how to write copy that sells with simple yet impactful and sexy messages.

4. Connect

The rule of 7 which became 70… Have you heard that saying: you need 7 touch points with the same person to achieve conversion…Well my friend that was 20 years ago. Today, you need much more than that to stay top of mind. We will show you how to build your multi-channel and multi touch points funnel to create a system that works for you and brings you the highest quality leads.

5. Convert

Until now it was all about prospection and bringing through your doors the most qualified leads. Now it's time to convert… Did someone say “Sales”? We will give you the best tools and technics of sales and negotiation to turn the process of sales into an enjoyable discussion for both yourself and your prospects to achieve the highest conversion rates for your business.

Payment Plan

£ 179 Monthly
  • 3 x monthly instalments

One-Time Payment

£ 499 Monthly
  • Equivalent to just £99.80 per day!
Best Value!

You can choose your preferred payment option at the next step…

DOES THIS vicious cycle of assumptions LOOK FAMILIAR?

Our bootcamp is designed to help get you out of the vicious cycle of assumptions and make sure that every single minute and every single penny you spend in your marketing provides you with a positive return on investment (ROI). 

Vicious Cycle of Assumptions
The vicious cycle of assumptions


Within just five ‘lunch & learn’ sessions, our Boost Your Business Growth Bootcamp will bring you up to speed so that you can create a high-converting, strong and sustainable marketing plan for an audience ready to buy your offer.


Over five daily ‘lunch & learn’ sessions, 16th to 20th of February (12pm to 2pm)


CLARITY: Bring Clarity into your Marketing

Day 1- Creating problem – solution fit

Position your offer as the ONE who can solve their problem : Problem – Solution – Positioning – USP – Value statement

Day 2- Understanding your audience – perfecting your message

Audience’s world analysis – persona creation / copy writing for clarity and impact

FOCUS: Gain focus with a simple and sustainable funnel creation

Day 3- Building your multichannel – multi-touch point marketing funnel

Defining your channel strategy and building a messaging funnel through efficient channel usage

Day 4- Sales: Turn your “oh no” to “hell yeah”!

Systematising your sales so that you never feel icky again.

MOMENTUM: Build momentum with a clear plan of action and a to do list

Day 5- Plan of action!

Map out / prioritise and plan your marketing so that you can build an easy to achieve and actionable to do list.

What makes us the experts?

Why the heck do we think we are the ONES who can help you? Unlike most so-called ‘experts’, we’re not just teaching, training, and leaving you to figure out the rest. We’re here to think with you, and sometimes for you. We’re here to ask the right questions to engage, motivate and move you – and your business – in the right direction. 

AND more importantly we’ll give you bullet-proof systems, exercises and mental models for each single topic covered in our workshops that will help you think through and make strategic decisions with ease and confidence.

…and did we mention that our methods have won several awards?!


A great swimmer might not be able to teach how to swim like a great swimming coach but a swimming coach who doesn’t know how to swim can surely not teach it either. We’re in the unique position of being great swimmers and great swimming coaches, and we have the results to prove it… 

  • Our award-winning training and coaching system EMPOWER has helped hundreds of women to grow their businesses. 
    • 15% of our active members reported that they doubled their revenue in the last 6 months.
    • 88% reported 85% increase on their marketing and sales efficiency and efficacy
    • 62% significantly increased their income in 2020
    • 100% reported that they gained greater business acumen, clarity and focus
  • Within our first year of launching (at the outset of the UK’s COVID pandemic and during lockdown) we worked with more than 2,000 women micro-business owners, delivering more than 500 hours coaching and training. 
  • Our head trainer and co-founder Ceylan Boyce was awarded UK’s TOP Advisor in SME Management and Leadership title by Enterprise Nation thanks to the votes of hundreds of members of ours.  

Don't just take our word for it...

3 things that set our growth bootcamp apart...

1. Boost Your Growth Bootcamp is an intense short-term training programme that equips you with all the knowledge, skills and consultancy that you need to empower you to grow your company without becoming a course junkie or spending thousands on 'high- ticket' empty promise programmes.

2. Our bootcamp provides all the templates, tools and methods for you to use again and again to adapt your marketing at the different needs and stages of your growing company. Because we know if you put in place our methods your company will grow.

3. Our bootcamp is designed with your needs, challenges and expectations in mind. Several studies that we have run amongst hundreds of women solopreneurs and micro-business owners prove that we are the experts at supporting and empowering others just like you to take your business to the next level.


  • Access to 5 days workshops
  • Access to recordings of all the workshops
  • All the workbooks and templates and homework materials
  • Access to Facebook group for questions and answer sessions
  • 20% discount from all memberships until end of August *
  • Access to 1 hour ASK ME ANYTHING session post Bootcamp
  • * Our optional memberships are designed to help take your business to the next level and ensure that you never feel alone and unsupported again. On completion of our growth bootcamp, you'll be offered a discount from all our memberships for life. Yes, even on POWER-UP our 1-2-1 coaching plan!



    If you have questions, we have answers!

    When you purchase your ticket to Boost Your Growth Bootcamp tickets you will immediately receive 1 email with all the details giving you access to a special access library of materials. We suggest that you work on the different modules before you come to the workshop. Your pre-work will condition the efficiency and productivity of your work during the workshop.

    This depends on the time when you purchased the workshop tickets but what we can say is there are 12 modules with 10-15 minutes videos in each module… You would need in total around 2-3 hours of passive learning and maybe some more playing around with the workbooks;) More you know about the concepts and you have thought about your business better you will be able to integrate the learnings immediately during the workshop.

    Yes! We will run a 1-hour Q&A session 1 week  after the workshop for those who need some answers.

    Your presence will mean you can work directly there and then but if you can’t join, don’t worry, we will be recording every day and we will make the recordings available to you. 

    You can use your 20% off on the Power Up membership which offers 1-2-1 coaching sessions.

    Refunds will be available up until 1 week before the workshop…

    Highly unlikely! 😉 We are pretty sure if you participate in 5 sessions and you are active and putting the effort during the sessions you will find all this very useful. However, in the unlikely event that you hated us and you really thought this was a big waste of money and time, we are happy to refund you 100%. 

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    Payment Plan

    £ 179 Monthly
    • 3 x monthly instalments

    One-Time Payment

    £ 499 Monthly
    • Equivalent to just £99.80 per day!
    Best Value!

    You can choose your preferred payment option at the next step…

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