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The 7-step playbook for women entrepreneurs to grow their businesses

Have you ever worried about where your next client is coming from? Do you want to build an ongoing, stable and ever growing flow of money into your business, but you don’t know how to do it and have been struggling to achieve this?

Well, you are not alone… Most of our members have the same pain point. 

They feel like they work hard, try hard, post, network, meet people, they make new offers, new stuff but for some reason they don’t get the reward back. 

I have been asked many times: Is there a “way” to do it? Is it possible to autopilot the sales? 

The answer is “YES”, BUT it is not a quick fix. 

There is a playbook and if you play by the book, you’ll have more quality demand from your potential customers because you will attract the right customers who are willing and able to solve their problem with the type of service or product you are offering.

I have a childhood friend who has always been passionate about food. She had this amazing talent of being able to taste every single different ingredient in a dish. I remember, when we were teenagers, we would go and do what teenage girls do, whilst she would hunt for the best spice seller in Istanbul to be able to cook a Chinese dish that no one had ever heard of. 

Yes, of course she became a chef… Not only that, but she finished Cordon Bleu with honours and went on to work with world renowned chefs. And then one day, out of nowhere, she quit her extremely high paying chef job, and she announced that she was moving to her grandmother’s village in south east Turkey, as she believed she had more to learn from her grandma than the Four Season’s Master Chef! She was going through a heartbreak therefore we all thought it was depression… You don’t just quit your dream job, right!?

Fast forward 20 years, and my friend now owns a chain of gourmet restaurants. She also owns a few farms, and a factory where they produce the condiments that they use in their dishes. Finally, she also owns her own spice and condiment brand which is exported and distributed across the globe…

78% of her employees are women amongst which she also has Syrian refugees who help her raise a special crop that is the main ingredient of her very special bread (which is possibly from another world- just scrumptious). 

No doubt, she worked hard!  When I interviewed her she said, “Ceylan, I almost lost everything 100 times and I almost quit 1000 times. But almost is just almost. At the end of the day, I just kept going.” Today not only she is making X100 of the Master Chef of Four Seasons but she has also contributed to society, and to her community on all levels. 

Why have I told you this story? Because from what I have witnessed, experienced with her story and many more I can say that there is a real playbook in making it (whatever it means to you) as a woman entrepreneur.

And I want to share it with you:

1. Fuck the ‘Why’!

Whoaaa how controversial is that?! I’m going against the biggest trend of the last 5-10 years. Yeah, I’m sick and tired of seeing people seeking for their “big why” while their lives pass them by. The ‘why?’ to me is very simple, and it was very simple to my friend as well. You make the world a better place to live in. Full stop.  Use your genius for that. Contribute. I am a bad arse coach and a genius strategist and decided to help women entrepreneurs with that skill. I could be equally attracted and equally honoured to help an environmental cause or help children with disabilities or train dogs to help anxiety… or save jellyfish. I just chose a fight where my skills were going to make a difference. I didn’t seek for THE FIGHT. I chose a fight where I can make a bigger impact. In that sense, you don’t need to find THE WHY for your company or yourself. 

Having said that, make sure to anchor your work to an impact goal. Whatever that means to you, planting trees or giving something for free to those who can’t afford it…At the end of the day, when you are only responsible for your own self, you can cheat, lose motivation, use the safety net and think that just enough is enough. You can’t do that when you have an impact goal. You can’t turn up and say, I didn’t wake up, I didn’t make that sales call, I didn’t make that video, I didn’t show up… that’s why, I can’t keep my promise, I can’t make my impact happen.  

2. Have a PLAN

…And not any plan that comes to your mind; a strategically sound plan that makes business sense. What the heck does that even mean? 

You don’t go on holiday without a destination and a road map, right? You might not stick to the route and perhaps take a diversion to avoid traffic, or go see a friend… but you would at least know where you are going and what potential roads might take you there. It is the same for your business. I can hear your thoughts, “Great smart arse, how do I even do that or make sure that my plan makes business sense?” You ask me or people like me (coaches, mentors, trainers, consultants) or others who have been on the same road and arrived at their destination. 

3. Invest in yourself and invest in your business.

And don’t wait to earn more… You can only earn more when you invest. It wasn’t just her culinary knowledge that helped my friend scale her multi businesses. She has two coaches (I’m honoured to say, I’m one of them), multiple consultants and reads about one book per week! Yeah, I know, but she is only human 😉

4. Be Loud!

You have done something magical, powerful and bold: You took the leap of faith and said to yourself “I am doing this”. You have a business! Be loud about it. Talk about your business everywhere to everyone! Make sure that you bore people about it. That’s the only way to stay Top of Mind! How? Here is a very simple target for you: Why don’t you try to talk about your business to one new person per day? Are you up for it? 

5. Love Money! More is better. 

I can’t even believe I’m writing this, 5 years ago, I would say, “Yuk”, but I learned that you don’t have to love it for the wrong reasons… My chef friend is sitting on hundreds of millions, she drives an old Honda Civic and wears Skechers shoes (coz they are comfy) … She also owns three orphanages and helps two refugee centres with daily meals. BOOM! Money = Impact. More money = More impact. Not to mention, she is the best salesperson and negotiator I have ever met.

6. Know about Money! 

Do you know how much money you will have in your account in six months? Understanding your business finance, controlling your cash is the only road to gain freedom. The simplest way of doing this is to have a cashflow statement that you update at least monthly.

7. Up your game.

This goes a little bit in the same direction as the manifestation practice… You only attract what you wish for… you wish small, you play small, you act small, you take small risks (or none), you have a small circle of influence, you make small calculations and all that gives you small results = small or no impact. Up your game, meet people who are beyond your reach, do things that you can’t afford, (do less of the things that you can easily afford, in order to be able to do things you can’t usually afford). Test drive a sports car, stay in a castle,  whatever makes you feel a bit uneasy and not fitting in your place- DO IT! When we were students, my chef friend used to work weekends to save money for Michelin star restaurants… She actually had a physical piggy bank of luxury meals… that’s what opened her horizons up… 

My dear, here are the 7 major practices of the business growth playbook, which made my friend and many others strong and impactful entrepreneurs… 

Now here is a reality check that I am willing to admit:  The reality of women entrepreneurship has many more aspects than a 7-step playbook that we women can easily apply into our businesses to become multibillionaires. I hear and respect this fact.   

The rate of women owned businesses have grown twice as fast as all business in the USA in 2019 YEAY! The catch is, most of them are what we call “side hustle businesses” and cannot even grow up to the 6 figure mark. 

Women are poorer, earn less and can’t easily access money or impactful networks, like men can, in entrepreneurship. On top of this, due to lack of role models and gaps in education, women have weaker business acumen, resulting in stronger self-doubt and lack of self-belief. 

I accept all that… they are unbearable facts of our society. 

Now what? Are we going to sit and complain?  Or, are we going to take the bull by the horns? I am all in the business of changing the facts, stats and all that but I can’t do it alone. SO, why don’t you help me and send me an email now. Tell me about yourself, your business, and your business challenge. Maybe we can even hop on a call for a short intro. 

In the meantime, enjoy the summer, stay safe!