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We’re in this together – again and always!

As we head into yet another lockdown here in England, I wanted to reach out to my fellow women entrepreneurs to remind you that we are here for you.

Our EMPOWER Tribe community was created to support each other as the first lockdown hit us, so let’s continue to lean on each other and not lose our sense of sisterhood and community.

“Those who have a strong sense of love and belonging have the courage to be imperfect.”

Brené Brown

Here’s a reminder of the initiatives that we’ve launched since the start of this crisis to help our Tribe to stay strong and hopeful, and to help ensure that your businesses survive or even thrive.

  • Our award-winning Covid & Beyond crisis management course is 100% FREE course available to you right now. You just need to become a (free) community member. The course has 12 modules and gives you plenty of tools and know-how to keep you and your business strong during this challenging period. Sorry for the very home-made looking side of the initial few videos… we are steadily getting better at them!
  • As I write this we are already 46 days into our 100 Days Challenge initiative. We’ve received such positive feedback from our members who keep letting us know that, thanks to this challenge, some have even managed to acquire new clients and been able to define new ways of growing their businesses. We developed this FREE challenge to inspire you work on your business just a little bit every single day. Join the challenge if you haven’t already done it… The feeling of “accomplishment” is the best tool to motivate yourself in the coming weeks of the lock-down period.
  • Follow-us on Instagram, every day we post tips, hints, motivational pieces, fun stuff to make sure that our community, our followers are able to always get something valuable.
  • Finally join our WhatsApp channel and Facebook Group where our community comes together, shares, connects, collaborates and celebrates! To join us on WhatsApp and Facebook, you just need to become one of our (free) community members.

Stay strong, stay connected, stay safe!


Ceylan x