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These 3 magic sentences will transform your business (and life)

I have a special gift for you.

A gift that will change how you work, how you live and how you tackle even your deepest doubts. 

This gift doesn’t need any wrapping. In fact, it’s a present that was handed to me by a dear friend of mine several years ago.

So here it is from me to you – 3 magic sentences.

Each one is simple and easy to remember. Don’t underestimate them. They are laced with enough strength to transform your business and empower your life choices. 

But before you go skim-reading through to find these golden nuggets, I need to put their power into context. 

The struggle is real…

Last year I took a leap of faith. I purchased 6 mini-companies (Women in Business Networking franchises). Bold right?

Suddenly I was thrown into a whirlwind of work chaos. My inbox was overflowing, my team’s inboxes were also full, my workload had tripled, and I was faced with the organisation, implementation and management of 6 brand new networking groups, all while running our quarterly sessions, masterminds and other booth camps as usual. 

It was a lot.

Especially for someone like me who loves order, planning and a strict schedule. I found myself in a tornado of madness, desperately trying to cling to some sort of structure. It freaked me out, and I found myself dropping the ball where I would normally be juggling them.

  • The first dropped ball – I was leading one of our networking meetings, and one of the ladies said – “Oh, you told me to do my presentation”. I answered, “Did I?”
  • The second dropped ball – I arrived at one of my own workshops 5 minutes late, thinking I was early, finding out people were already there…
  • The third dropped ball – Normally I am always ahead of the game with our calendar… Now, my team has to send me messages in the middle of the night to remind me what needs to be done.

Everything felt messy (at least by my standards). So I had to find a way to wave a magic wand to clear it all up fast. 

But here’s the thing. There is no quick-fix magical potion to sorting this out. Instead, there are ways we can reframe our mindset to tackle each frenzied part of our lives. 

So how do you cope? That my friends, is where this gift comes in.

3 magic sentences to transform your business (and life)

This gift I am sharing came from a very good friend, a mentor that I lost 2 years ago.

RIP, Katie Piette; this goes to you.

Picture an office at 10 pm. Papers on desks, a hazy atmosphere, the end of an extremely long and hard working day. Two women are talking, one with a cigarette. 

As I ask Katie to look at my final presentation for the project we were working on, she looks up at me through the smoke. 

“We are done for today; let’s go have some drinks,” she says. We leave. 

That night, Katie told me three magic sentences that I wouldn’t forget. They’ve made me much more efficient, more streamlined, and less perfectionist. They protect my energy, health and well-being. That is why they are a true gift. 

So enough explaining. Let’s dive into them:

1. “It’s good enough!”

I get it. You want your work to be brilliant. You want your clients to be happy. You want everything to be just perfect. 

Here’s a truth bomb. It will never be perfect. 

Hey you, hyper-focused photographer, trying to get that tiny pixel 2 tones lighter… send it – it’s good enough.

And you uber-detailed designer, agonising over an Instagram reel… press post – it’s good enough.

Oh, hi there, Miss nutritionist; trying to perfect your online programme, it’s time to launch… I promise it’s good enough.

To me, pondering over whether this blog post is ready to publish – (say it with me now) it’s good enough!

Good enough doesn’t mean under par. We are still striving for excellence. But excellence does not come from solitude working, and wasting time on “perfecting”. Excellence happens when you get your work out there on time, share it with the world, learn and adapt.

So when you find yourself going over and over something like a broken record perfecting every detail. Just get it out there. It’s definitely good enough.

2. “HELP!”

This is a tough pill to swallow. But sometimes, those kinds of pills can be the best things for our personal (and business) health. 

When you ask for help, you give yourself the space to thrive. It’s not weak. It’s not admitting failure. On the contrary, asking for help can be one of the bravest things you do. 

To the Mums and wives out there. You can ask for help at home to give you more time for your business. Equally, you can ask for help in your business to give you more time at home. 

It could be as simple as asking:

  • Hey, could you help me keep the house tidy?
  • Hey, could you help me with my social media marketing?
  • Hey, could you help me keep up with my emails?
  • Hey, could you drive the kids to school for me?
  • Hey, could you make me some food?
  • Hey, could you recommend a new laptop?

There is no help too little or large. You just have to ask for it. 

3. “I am done for today!”

Katie once said to me, “We are done for today” at 10 pm. But the real magic of this sentence is this:

There is no time limit. 

You could say, “I’m done for today” at 8 am or 3 pm, or 10 pm. It’s your rules. You set the boundaries. You’re in control. 

There can sometimes be a misconception with business growth that you must constantly work to make it happen. This just simply isn’t true. 

Making decisions for your health and well-being can dramatically affect your business. So sign off when you need to sign off. Not when you think others would tell you to. 

Putting it all together: transform your business and life

Each of these three sentences has helped me on my journey. Whether it’s through mindset changes, business decisions, or simply calming the storm. Use them how you wish, and remember that they hold more power than you might think. 

On that note, I am done for today, this post is good enough, and I do have one last favour to ask. 

Can you help me share this with other women entrepreneurs?

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