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Introducing the Academy for Women Entrepreneurs

In March 2019, the UK Government commissioned The Alison Rose Review of Female Entrepreneurship. This review identified that up to £250 billion could be added to the UK economy if women entrepreneurs scaled new businesses at the same rate as men.

What is the Academy of Women Entrepreneurs?

The Academy for Women Entrepreneurs (AWE) was founded specifically to help women entrepreneurs to scale their businesses by tapping into the uncharted potential within themselves and their business.

“Although there is a little bit of superhuman in every woman entrepreneur, unfortunately, leading a successful business is not an innate capacity. It requires a specific skill set and knowledge. That is the reason why more than 50% of the SMEs fail in their first 5 years, and only a handful of female business owners are able to grow their businesses beyond £ 1 million. Most of the remaining ones struggle to survive, leading to stress-filled lives for their owners. Our workshops are able to help women manage their businesses, learn new skills and expand their networks, which in turn will lead them down a very successful route”.

Ceylan Boyce, Founder The Academy For Women Entrepreneurs

I’m a woman entrepreneur. Where can I start?

According to 68% of 100 women business owners we surveyed, business growth is their main challenge. So if you’re a female entrepreneur on a mission, then join us in supporting women in business to grow.

Launching in February 2020, The Academy for Women Entrepreneurs (AWE) offers high quality business training and workshops called EMPOWER. These workshops are designed to help female business owners grow their company and flourish as leaders.

What is EMPOWER?

EMPOWER is a system of training specifically designed for the needs of female solopreneurs, independent practitioners and small businesses.

The workshops are highly interactive, practical and pragmatic allowing participants to make informed decisions and solve complex business challenges. Encouraging questions and discussion, they provide women with the tools and resources needed to up-skill and level up.

The workshops, which launch on 21st February 2020, will take place fortnightly. All upcoming workshops can be found on the Academy for Women Entrepreneurs’ eventbrite page at

AWE-inspire me!

Through the Academy of Women Entrepreneurs, you will achieve stronger business acumen, which will enable you to onboard clients and investors on your journey of sustainable business growth.

We believe that through empowering women entrepreneurs in leading successful businesses, they will contribute to achieving financial and professional gender equality and economic growth.

Do something AWEsome today and join the movement!