You are currently viewing It’s official: we’re one of Britain’s Top 50 Business Advisers!

It’s official: we’re one of Britain’s Top 50 Business Advisers!

We’re excited to announce that we have been picked from hundreds of advisers from around the UK for our work with women solopreneurs and micro-business owners. 

Ceylan Boyce, Academy for Women Entrepreneurs (AWE) Co-Founder says:

“Having spent many years working in and with women micro-business owners and solopreneurs, we understand the many challenges they face to maintain their existence and grow their business. The impact of Covid-19 on female founders has been immense. If by giving my time and experience female founders have a better chance of survival and can drive the wider economic recovery, then that’s a truly fulfilling role.”

Our founders, Ceylan and James have more than 30 years’ experience in consultancy, marketing and entrepreneurship and – since launching in 2019 – have mentored hundreds of women micro-business owners in setting a clear path towards future growth.

Thanks to our special COVID & Beyond Crisis Management Course, over 800 women worldwide have been able to benefit from FREE training and mentoring during the most unprecedented crisis of our time. 

About the awards

The Top 50 Adviser Awards are run by small business network Enterprise Nation, the UK’s leading support network for small businesses – in association with Xero, Dell Technologies and Neat. The list was compiled after the awards reached out to fledgling businesses to nominate an adviser that had helped them to build and grow a sustainable business.

The awards, which set out to highlight the work done behind the scenes by experts helping Britain’s army of small businesses to build and grow, revealed a rich vein of dedicated supporters for the UK’s expanding entrepreneurial culture, even during the pandemic.

Emma Jones, founder of Enterprise Nation said:

“Business advisers are the unsung heroes behind Britain’s booming small business culture and their insight and experience are needed now more than ever. The awards have uncovered some incredible work that has helped firms take steps towards sustainability and growth or managing the current situation by pivoting and by taking a strategic look at their business.

“Research shows that those firms that take advice do better than those that don’t – and it stands to reason that good advice can help avoid some of the damaging, early mistakes entrepreneurs can make that can often force them to give up. The awards were designed to show how important this work is in action, in order to help more start-ups and small firms find out about the benefits of taking advice.”

We need you!

We will now go through to a public vote to find the UK’s Top Ten Advisers, and we need you! 

The Top 50 Advisers were chosen from hundreds of entries from around the UK, and now the top outstanding experts will picked out to form the top ten.

AWE’s top 5 tips for making your business a life ally for yourself and for giving you the FREEDOM of choice (whether you choose to work from your beach house, grow your business to sell, or simply spend more time with your family…): 

  • Running a business is not an easy path. Make sure to surround yourself with the right people who will encourage you, motivate you, pick you up and cheer you up when you need. 
  • Find role models and mentors to inspire you and teach you 
  • Dedicate continuous time and energy to learning 
  • Learn to prioritise and focus 
  • Take great care of yourself 

To see the full list of Enterprise Nations Top 50 Advisers (and to vote for us!) please head over to Enterprise Nation.